Wei Hu  

School of Mathematical Sciences
Beijing Normal University
Beijing 100875, China

Office:   New Main Building 1230
Fax:       +86 10 58808202


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Research Interests


[16Zero action determined modules for associative algebras  (with Z. Xiao)
Preprint. arXiv:1707.09290.
[15Milnor squares of algebras, I: derived equivalences  (with C.C.Xi)
Preprint. arXiv:1704.04914.
[14Derived equivalences, restriction to self-injective subalgebras and invariance of homological dimensions  (with M. Fang and S. Koenig)
preprint. arXiv:1607.03513.
[13Approximations, ghosts and derived equivalences  (with Y. P. Chen)
The Royal Society of Edinburgh Proceedings, to appear.
[12Gorenstein projective bimodules via monomorphism categories and filtration categories  (with X.H. Luo, B.L Xiong and G. Zhou)
Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra, 223(2019) 1014-1039.
[11Derived equivalences and stable equivalences of Morita type, II  (with C. C. Xi)
Revista Matemática Iberoamericana 34(2018), no. 1, 59-110.
[10Stable functors of derived equivalences and Gorenstein projective modules  (with S. Y. Pan)
Mathematische Nachrichten 290(2017), no. 10, 1512C1530.
[9Derived equivalences for Φ-Auslander-Yoneda algebras  (with C. C. Xi)
Transactions of the American Mathematical Society 365(2013), 5681-5711.
[8Derived equivalences from cohomological approximations, and mutations of Φ-Yoneda algebras  (with S. Koenig, C. C. Xi)
The Royal Society of Edinburgh Proceedings 143A(2013), 589-629.
[7On iterated almost ν-stable derived equivalences
Communications in Algebra 40(2012), no. 10, 3920-3932.
[6D-split sequences and derived equivalences  (with C. C. Xi)
Advances in Mathematics 227 (2011), 292-318.
[5Derived equivalences and stable equivalences of Morita type, I  (with C. C. Xi)
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[4Tilting modules and representation dimensions  (with H.X. Chen)
Journal of Algebra 323(2010), 738-748.
[3Auslander-Reiten sequences and global dimensions  (with C. C. Xi)
Mathematical Research Letters 13(2006), no. 6, 885-895.
[2The representation dimension of k[x,y]/(x2,yn)  (with T. Holm)
Journal of Algebra 301 (2006), 791-802.
[1Goldbach's problem in the matrix ring over a principal ideal domain
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