Hui HE (何 辉)

Associate Professor

School of Mathematical Sciences

Beijing Normal University

Beijing 100875 China

Email: hehui AT bnu.edu.cn

Fax:  0086 (0)10 58809447

Tel(O): 0086 (0)10 58806843


研究兴趣/Research Interests

Branching processes; Galton-Watson Trees; Levy Trees; Cutting/Pruning Trees; Tree-valued Processes; Measure-valued Processes; Interacting Particle Systems; Random Walks; Large Deviations; Stochastic Equations; Fractal Geometry.

论文目录/Publications and Preprints

1.         He, H. (2009): Discontinuous superprocesses with dependent spatial motion.

   Stochastic Processes and Their Applications 119, 130-166. PDF


2.         He, H. (2009): Strong uniqueness for a class of singular SDEs for catalytic branching diffusions.

   Statistics and Probability Letters 79, 182-187. PDF


3.         He, H. (2010): Fleming-Viot processes in an environment.

   Infinite Dimensional Analysis, Quantum Probability and Related Topics 13, 489-509. PDF


4.         He, H. (2011): Rescaled Lotka-Volterra models converge to super-stable processes.

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5.         He, H. and Luan, N. (2012): A martingale transformation for superprocesses.

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6.         Abraham, R., Delmas, J.-F. and He, H. (2012): Pruning Galton-Watson trees and tree-valued Markov processes.

   Annales de l'Institut Henri Poincare Probabilites et Statistiques 48, 688-705. PDF


7.         He, H., Li, Z. and Zhou, X. (2013): Local extinction for super coalescing Brownian motion with infinite initial measure.

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8.         He, H. and Luan, N. (2013): A note on scaling limits of contour functions of Galton-Watson trees.

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9.         He, H. and Ma, R. (2014): Some limit theorems for flows of branching processes.

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10.    He, H., Li, Z. and Yang, X. (2014): Stochastic equations of super-Levy processes.

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11.    He, H. and Ma, R. (2014): Limit theorems for continuous time branching flows.

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12.    He, H., Li, Z. and Zhou, X. (2015): Branching particle systems embedded in spectrally one-sided Levy processes.

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13.    Abraham, R., Delmas, J.-F. and He, H. (2015): Pruning of CRT-sub-trees.

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14.    He, H.  (2016): On large deviation rates for sums associated with Galton-Watson processes.

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15.    He, H., Li, Z and Xu, W. (2017): Continuous state branching processes in Levy random environments.

  To appear in Journal of Theoretical Probability. PDF


16.    He, H. and Winkel, M. (2014): Invariance principles for pruning processes of Galton-Watson trees.

  Preprint. PDF


17.    He, H., Liu, J. and Zhang, M. (2016): On Seneta-Heyde scaling for a stable branching random walk.

  Submitted. PDF


18.    Bi, H. and He, H. (2017): A tree-valued Markov process associated with an admissible family of branching mechanisms.

  Submitted. PDF


19.    He, H. and Winkel, M. (2017): Gromov-Hausdorff-Prokhorov convergence of vertex cut-trees of n-leaf Galton-Watson trees.

  Submitted. PDF


20.    Chen, X. and He, H. (2017): On large deviation probabilities for empirical distribution of branching random walks: Schroder case and Bottcher case.

  Submitted. PDF

合作者/My Coauthors: Romain Abraham; Jean-Francois Delmas; Hongwei Bi (毕洪伟); Xinxin Chen (陈昕昕); Zenghu Li (李增沪); Jingning Liu (刘婧凝)Nana Luan (栾娜娜); Rugang Ma(马儒刚); Matthias Winkel; Wei Xu(徐伟); Xu Yang (杨叙); Mei Zhang (张梅) Xiaowen Zhou (周晓文).

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Grants: NSFC (No. 11671041, 11531001, 11371061)