Harmonic Analysis and PDE seminar(10.28)

Harmonic Analysis and PDE seminar


2:30-3:30pm, October 28, 2015


Room 1124, New Main Building


Speaker: Professor Yunyan Yang, Renmin University 


题目: Extremal functions for Trudinger-Moser inequalities of Adimurthi-Druet type in dimension two
Combining Carleson-Chang's result  with blow-up analysis, we prove existence of extremal functions for certain  Trudinger-Moser inequalities in dimension two. This kind of inequality was originally proposed by Adimurthi and O. Druet , extended by the author to high dimensional case and Riemannian surface case, generalized by C. Tintarev to wider cases including singular form and by M. de Souza and J. M. do O  to the whole Euclidean space R^2. Our result generalizes  all existing one concerning the same topic in dimension two.